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M&M school - autumn natural skincare


Magazine & More 首次與讀者互動,於 11 月 22日在 Cakez Café 中舉行。特意請來來自香港 PGW 手作導師 Joyce 前來授課。從精油的製作過程到功效,再讓讀者們親自動手製作潤唇膏、潤手霜及身體潤膚乳,大家都樂在其中。是次活動中,讀者們不但能夠學習到天然護膚品的真正意義,更能從中學會如何動手製作護膚品。

特別鳴謝場地贊助:Cakez Café

Magazine & More held on 22 November at Cakez Café its first interaction with readers. PGW by its mentor Joyce was specially invited from Hong Kong to teach these DIY Cosmetics. The readers were hands-on on the production of lip balm, hand cream and body lotion, in a joyful and sharing environment. In this event, readers not only were able to learn the true meaning of natural skin care products, but also how to produce it by themselves in a lesson that they can use from now on.

Special thanks to our venue sponsor: Cakez Café

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