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天橋下的睿智 Wisdom off stage - 陳嘉容 Eunis Chan


Eunis Chan’s elegant figure and alluring steps project her unique glamour on the runway. When switching to screen, spotlights continue to follow wherever she goes. I was impressed by her indelible confidence and wisdom during the conversation.

Text:T. Chan

Photo:Donald Chiu

Hair:Ross kwan



Lifelong learning


A:剛畢業放暑假,經姐姐在做 agency 工作的朋友介紹入行,不知不覺一直做到現在。

Q: How did you become a model in the first place?

A: In the summer after graduation, I took a chance by the introduction of my sister’s agency friend. And I’ve been modeling ever since.



Q: Could you share some unforgettable moments in your modeling career?

A: Being a model allows me to travel around, and meet all kinds of people. I was shy when I studied at a girls’ school. But I started to communicate with people in backgrounds after modeling. Meanwhile, I realized modeling takes efforts, showing fur coats in summer, short skirts in winter, I had to keep my skin and shape in the best condition, and I would be open to new knowledge and keep learning.


A:記得當年入行的時候的要求,樣貌不需要非常標緻但一定要有獨特氣質,有著百變形象,適合穿著不同衣服演繹不同形像,身高要五尺九以上,三圍介乎 33-34 寸上圍、25-26 寸腰圍及坐圍 36 以下為之 standard size。

Q: What are the elements that make up a professional model?

A: The requirements when I was recruited were, not too captious on the face, but at least carrying a distinctive style, and transformable in varying outfits to create different images. The required height was above 5 feet 9, as for measurements, 33 ~ 34 inches- 25 ~ 26 inches - 36 inches or below was the standard size.

挑戰自我 Challenge yourself



Q: In your opinion, what is important to contemporary women?

A: Apart from “beauty and intelligence”, as widely advertised by Hong Kong Beauty, I think lifelong learning is also important - only by constant learning, can we catch up with the pace of time, in addition, a good sense of humor is also important.



Q: In addition to modeling, you’ve become a well-known host, which job would you prefer? Do they have anything in common?

A: For me, modeling and hosting are completely different. Modeling is about body language, while hosting calls for speaking skills, communication skills and fast response. A host needs to keep an eye on the flow of the show, and see to the reactions during the interview, which is the most challenging part. As models don’t need to talk, I took a lot of efforts to adapt when I made the transition. But I welcome challenges, so I enjoy both jobs.


A:其實我很喜歡 mix & match 的衣服,平的貴的也喜歡,貴的會買很 classic 的款式,例如一件質地和 cutting 很稱身的白恤衫或西裝,很時尚耐看,方便 mix & match,襯不同的衣服便可去不同場合,配襯不同的 accessories 如牛仔褲、珠鏈等等,很容易便可以營造出 day & night look,所以我最喜歡的就是 classic 長青不老的款式。

Q: Could you share some of your fashion insights?

A: I like mix & match, I will purchase garments regardless of their prices, for expensive items, I would go for well-fitted white shirts and suits, fashionable and timeless. Mix & match is convenient for me, this way, I can match up different parings for various occasions, to use different accessories, such as jeans and bead chains to switch day & night looks, so my favorites are the classic and timeless pieces.


Work with fun


A:每一個旅程對我來說都很特別,我本身也很喜歡旅游,因為工作關係到過很多特別的地方,如跟 TDC 去過波蘭、智利這些地方,平常旅游很少會去的,由於我是購物狂,智利不是一個購物點,但我也四處走走,買了很多襪子回來也很有滿足感,也有去過紐約工作,但因風暴關係,原定轉機到三藩市拍雜誌封面也要取消了,現在回想起也感到很可惜,很難忘。至於另一次難忘的事情就是去年到和朋友到夏威夷旅游,人生第一次玩跳傘,更要簽下生死狀,絕對是我有史以來最剌激最興奮的一次,下回也未必有這個膽量了。

Q: What is your most unforgettable travel experience?

A: Every trip is special to me, as I like travel very much. Because of my work, I have been to lots of special places, for instance, I went to Poland and Chile with TDC, which are not my common travel destination, for Chile is not a good place for shopping, and I love shopping. But I still managed to get lots of socks, which was fun. And another time, when I was in New York and about to fly to San Francisco for cover shots, but due to stormy weather, that trip blew off. It was a pity and remained a memorable event. Another unforgettable event happened last year, during my Hawaii trip with friends, I experienced skydiving the very first time, before putting on parachutes; I even had to sign up a disclaimer statement. It was the most exciting moment of my life, though I’m not sure if I’m daring enough for a re-dive.


A:自己常常去旅游,是希望吸收多點不同的人生體驗,去不同的地方感受不同的文化,我很喜歡食和烹飪,喜歡學習到不同地方的飲食文化,回來後我也會試試自己煮;旅游可以令精神上得到放鬆,無論是自己和朋友家人去旅游,有時也耤著工作在當地 stay behide 幾日給自己一些 relax 的時間,work hard play hard!

Q: To you, what’s the meaning of travel?

A: I travel a lot, hopefully, to gain new experiences, to get to know different cultures. I enjoy eating and cooking, and I would love the chance to learn food cultures from other parts of the world. Travel allows me to relax and clear my mind, if with friends or family, I will allot several “me days”, sometimes with an excuse of work, to fully relax all by my self, you know, work hard and play hard!



Q: What’s your future expectation for work?

A: I’m a beauty-conscious person, after gaining profound knowledge of fashion and skincare from my modeling experience, now I’m thinking about pass along that knowledge to the public. I think life needs improvement for everyone, and I wish to develop it into a business, at the same time, to help others to become healthy, beautiful and fashionable.

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