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擁有新開始,煥然一新需要的是從內到外的深層次改變,而對肌膚來說煥發底層細胞更生同樣重要,幸好醫學科技進步,從醫學的角度去切入根本問題,而由「果酸之父」Dr. Eugene Van Scott 及 Dr. Ruey Yu所創辦的品牌NeoStrata ,以甘蔗提煉的專利AHA 甘醇酸,精確地調較果酸濃度,能解決暗啞、粗糙、色斑、暗瘡、油脂分泌過剩等各種皮膚問題,同時配有家用版Gel Plus更生活膚啫喱面膜,做到真正的「由入面靚到外面」。

To embrace a new start and take a refreshed look requires a total reshuffle from the inside to the outside. For your skin regeneration, renewing the deep cells is very important. Thanks to advanced medical science, solutions can be provided through medical means. The creators of NeoStrata Company, Inc., Drs. Van Scott and Yu, are internationally recognized for making the groundbreaking discovery that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) have a profound beneficial effect on the human skin. NeoStrata products can effectively address the problems of dullness, coarseness, color spots, pimples, excessive oil secretion, etc. With the daily use of the Gel Plus mask, your skin can have an inside-to-out glow.

想體驗NeoStrata ProSystem「醫學深層煥膚」療程需要在指定醫生診所進行,確保過程安全可靠,療程內使用甘蔗的純正AHA甘醇酸,選用原因其分子夠細滲透夠深,幫助溶解老化細胞間的橋體 (Desmosome),讓老化角質自然脫落,有效激發肌膚更生細胞及骨膠原增生及均勻膚色。同時建議最好每28日進行療程一次,在經過短短的10分鐘的煥膚療程,給我的感覺是很輕鬆,只有輕微刺癢感,而且完成後亦無須復原時間,可以照樣日常化妝及保養程序。

Do you want to experience the NeoStrata ProSystem Clinical Exuviance Skin Care treatment for yourself? Just go to the designated clinic to ensure a safe and reliable treatment. The product contains pure AHA and its molecules are small enough to penetrate deeply to effectively dissolve the aging desmosome within the cells so that the keratin will fall off naturally to stimulate the skin regeneration. It also contains collagen to even the skin tone and texture. It is highly recommended that the treatment is repeated every 28 days. The ten-minute treatment was totally relaxing for me with a tiny tingling feeling only. You can put on your daily makeup and proceed with your daily skin care routine right after the treatment.

而推出的家用的Gel Plus更生活膚啫喱面膜,含15% AHA甘醇,建議每週1-2次持續使用,簡單地先塗於角質較厚之位置,如T字位及下巴位,待5分鐘後再塗其他位置。每次只須15分鐘便可自行進行護理煥膚療程,對平日忙碌的女仕最方便不過。

The daily use Gel Plus mask contains 15% AHA. Use the product once or twice a week regularly. First apply to the areas where there are thicker keratins such as T-zone or the jaw and leave it for 5 minutes before applying to other areas. With just 15 minutes, you can complete this skin care treatment, how convenient for the busy working ladies!

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