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“PINK Inspired 2015” 「粉紅革命 2015」

Macau will become a lot more pink during October to raise awareness to breast cancer. Following the same tradition as last year, Conrad Macao will host a pink inspired charity lunch on the 15th of October as a campaign that is held to raise funds for the Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s PINK Revolution movement. “Last year we raised over 170,000 dollars for the charity, this year we are hoping to double it”, said Bede Barry to Magazine&More. For this mission to be accomplished successfully, the General Manager of Conrad Macao is happy to say that “we’ve got a lot of retailers on board”, hoping to go from 120 people to 250 this year.

Guests attending the lunch, which will include a three-course pink themed menu and two glasses of sparkling wine for MOP480 per person and a MOP100 donation to the charity, will have the opportunity to win several raffle prizes. A pink sapphire necklace with white diamonds valued at MOP8,000, a limited edition Notte Intima Wirebag from Anteprima valued at HKD7,190 and a pink scarf designed by Diane von Furstenberg are some of the most fashionable prizes, but the list also includes some luxury international hotel getaways to the Maldives, New York, London, among others.

In addition each guest will also receive a gift bag valued at MOP3,000 which includes special offers and shopping vouchers from Ralph Lauren, Sabon Body & Bath, Wolford, Shanghai Tang, Bodhi Spa, ARTĒ Madrid, iiJin tote bag, Macau Tatler magazine and a limited edition silver elephant bottle opener with pink ribbon from Georg Jenson jewelers. “We are trying to get a really holistic approach to the campaign that it’s interesting to everyone, on the travel side of things and on the retail side of things. All the proceeds from the tickets go towards the donation. It’s a very high profile charity”, noted Bede Barry.

The hotel’s “PINK Inspired 2015” campaign will turn the hotel a passionate pink, along with all the floral arrangements and decorations inside. “PINK Fridays” will involve staff and management adding a dapper dash of pink to their uniforms, turning their regular e-mails and handwritten guest cards pink as well. Same as before, the pink bear will be icon for this campaign together with a duck.

“We believe it will become an event on the social calendar of Macau because it is very worthwhile charity. It’s not a difficult charity, you don’t have to walk 25 miles, go without food or shave your head (laughs). I think it’s a very worthwhile cause”, said Bede Barry

為喚醒公眾對乳癌的關注及為籌集研究經費出一分力,澳門十月份將會以一種獨特的粉紅姿態示人。澳門金沙城中心康萊德酒店宣佈今年將會繼承去年的傳統,於10月15日舉辦‘粉紅午宴’,藉此午宴以支持香港癌症基金會一年一度的「粉紅革命」活動。在接受 M&M 採訪時,康萊德酒店總經理Bede Barry 表示”去年我們的慈善籌款超過美金 $170,000,而今年我們的目標是翻一倍。” 為了達成這個目標,Bede Barry 十分開心的說道“我們已經有很多鑽石贊助商參與”, 希望今年贊助商人數能夠有大概 120-250 人。

“粉紅革命” 每位澳門幣 480 元,其中包括三道以粉紅色為主題的主菜和兩杯氣泡酒,其中100元澳門幣會作為慈善捐款用途,賓客并有機會參與多項抽獎活動。幸運大抽獎的時尚獎項包括:粉紅寶石及鑽石項鏈, 價值澳門幣 8,000;Anteprima 特別設計的限量版 Notte Intima Wirebag,價值澳門幣 7,190;Diane von Furstenberg 特別設計的專屬限量版粉紅色圍巾等,獎項還包括馬爾代夫、紐約、倫敦等其他熱點城市的世界級奢華酒店住宿。

除此之外,每位參加的賓客還會獲得總值澳門幣 3,000元的禮品包,包括拉爾夫勞倫 (Ralph Lauren)、薩邦身體和沐浴 (Sabon Body & Bath)、沃福德 (Wolford)、上海灘 (Shanghai Tang) 、菩提水疗 (Bodhi Spa)、ARTĒ Madrid,潮牌 iiJin 托特包等提供的特別優惠及購物券和澳門Tatler雜誌,以及頂尖銀飾品牌Georg Jenson推出的限量版附粉紅色絲帶的純銀大象開瓶器。澳門康萊德總經理Bede Barry表示: “我們盡力搜羅所有新穎禮品給我們的賓客,從旅行方面到零售方面都應有盡有。所有門票扣除收益后將納入善款,慕求成為一個高大上的慈善活動。”


Bede Barry 說道: “我們認為這將會是澳門社交活動中很有意義的一項慈善活動。這個慈善活動其實並不難去參與,因為你不需要徒步25公里,不需要絕食或者剃光頭之類,我個人認為這是一個很有意義的活動。”

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