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The Magic of Cyril

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and now based in Tokyo, Japan, Cyril is considered one of the most famous entertainers of the 21st century. He is also one of the early pioneers of street magic known for his ability to be an effective storyteller.

“Cyril Magic Up Close & Personal” World Tour will make its way to Macau for a two day performance in Broadway Theater, 5 and 6 of December. In an exclusive interview with Magazine&More, Cyril talked about his expectations for the event, promising two nights of great entertainment for magic enthusiasts.

M&M: What are your expectations for the event in Macau?

Cyril: Well, I’ve actually performed in Macau before but it was for a private VIP event last year at Galaxy. This December will be my first open to the public ticketed show. I am quite excited to bring my tour to Macau and to be able to share my magic with new fans and friends. The crowd has always been kind and supportive so I hope they’ll enjoy the show I’ve put together.

M&M: What can the audience expect when they go to see the show?

Cyril: I can’t reveal too much otherwise it won’t be a surprise but there will be some never before seen tricks, some tricks my fans have seen me perform on TV and of course there will be interesting interactive magic that everyone in the audience will get to be a part of.

M&M: Any particular or special tricks planned for this event in Broadway?

Cyril: I plan on having the show being very interactive. There will be something for everyone. You’ll just have to come to the show to find out!

M&M: If you had to choose a favorite magic trick, which one would it be?

Cyril: I have so many favorites but I guess one that I’m really proud of is the hamburger trick. It was something that was never done before and it really left an impact on the audience.

M&M: Regarding other illusionists was there a moment when you were really amazed by a particular performance or act?

Cyril: I would say I was most amazed by the first magic show I ever saw... when I was seven years old and in Las Vegas for the first time. It was incredible to see the magician on stage levitate a woman and then turn her into doves that flew away. For me, at the age of seven, it really was magical and amazing and from that moment on, I only wanted to be a magician.

M&M: You are considered as one of the pioneers in street magic. What major differences exist compared to performing in theatres?

Cyril: I enjoy both but they’re different in their own ways. Street magic and the magic you see me do on TV is fun but it’s only for that moment and in that moment. In a theatre though, the experience is totally different. I have a captive audience for almost two hours and we get to explore magic together in a more intimate setting. It’s also a different feeling when I’m standing on stage and the energy and excitement of the audience helps encourage me.

M&M: Any funny or special stories that happened to you while performing that you would like to share with our readers?

Cyril: Well, I have many funny stories. But the one I would share with you right now is the time I did a special dinner show event, and I was in the middle of a routine with my audience. The next minute, I heard a big bang crash coming from the audience. I heard a kid yell out, “Daddy, Daddy, are you ok?” The father apparently fell over backwards on his seat because of my magic impact and fell on the floor. It definitely was a showstopper as the entire audience was concerned for the well being of this man. He ended up being all right.

M&M: When did you decide to become a magician and how did you get into this life?

Cyril: At the age of seven I was invited to Las Vegas by family friends and they took me to my first magic show. Since then, that’s the only thing I wanted to do. I was then given magic lessons for my birthday and, as they say, the rest is history.

M&M: You have been to Macau already, what did you like the most about it?

Cyril: I really love the food in Macau. I’m a real foodie and at Broadway Walk there are all kinds of Asian cuisine from Taiwanese noodles to Shanghainese dumplings to Hong Kong dim sum. It’s all very delicious and of course my favorite ku gua, or bitter melon.

M&M: Besides the two-day performance do you plan to do other things in Macau?

Cyril: I’m not sure if I will have a lot of extra time to enjoy Macau but I hope to have a couple of great meals while I’m in town. If time does allow, I am an adrenaline fan and would love to jump off the world’s tallest bungy at AJ Hacket again!



M&M: 你對本次澳門站表演有什麼期待?

Cyril: 其實這並不是我第一次在澳門表演魔術,但那並不是公開的演出,上一年我在銀河酒店為一個私人VIP活動表演。今年12月是我首個在澳門公開售票的表演。我真的很興奮可以再次來到澳門表演,並將我的魔術帶給這裡的粉絲們。澳門的朋友真的很好,很支持我,希望他們能享受我的表演。

M&M: 澳門觀眾可以看到什麼樣的精彩表演?


M&M: 有沒有為今次在澳門百老匯舞台的表演準備一些特別的魔術表演?

Cyril: 我準備了一些互動性強的表演,希望每個觀眾都可以參與。你到時來看表演就會知道其中的奧秘!





M&M: 你被認為是街頭魔術表演的先驅,其實街頭表演和在正式舞台上表演的有什麼不同?

Cyril: 這兩種表演我都很喜歡,但其實它們最大的不同就是表演方式。街頭魔術和你在電視上看到的魔術表演差不多,主要是為了娛樂效果,時間是比較短的,以當下的效果的主。而在舞台上的表演是完全不一樣,我要令觀眾全神貫注看2個小時的表演,魔術師和觀眾將會一起探索魔術的奧秘,環境令到大家的聯繫是更加緊密的。我在臺上表演的體驗也是完全不一樣的,觀眾的能量和興奮會給我很大的鼓勵。





M&M: 我們知道你之前就已經來過澳門,可以分享一下在澳門你最喜歡什麼嗎?

Cyril: 我真的很喜歡澳門的美食,我就是一個吃貨,在百老匯廣場有很多亞洲美食,比如臺灣的面,上海餃子和香港點心。所有美食都很吸引和很美味,而我最喜歡的美食當然就是苦瓜。

M&M: 除了表演外,那兩天你在澳門還有其他計畫嗎?

Cyril: 我不太確定是否有足夠的時間可以遊覽澳門的每一個角落,但是我希望至少可以試多一些澳門美食。其實我十分喜愛極限運動,所以如果時間允許的話,我希望可以在澳門旅遊塔玩一次全球最高的Bungee Jump。


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