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The Ultimate Clubbing Experience 全新體驗 澳門至尊派對新熱點

Pacha’s iconic cherry logo is making its way to Macau together with the opening of Studio City, scheduled for later this month (27 of October). The Hollywood-inspired gaming and entertainment complex will transport visitors into a cinematic world with more entertainment offerings, where Pacha will stand out in terms of nightlife.

With venues in major cities across the globe including Ibiza, New York, Dubai, Buenos Aires and Sydney, the new space in Macau aims to be a reference also in Asia. “This project, introducing the world’s biggest nightclub brand, Pacha, to our soon-to-open Studio City in Macau, again demonstrates our ongoing strategy to identify and deliver the world’s leading entertainment partners to our properties, positioning the new resort as Asia’s entertainment capital”, said JD Clayton.

Studio City’s property President says he is “thrilled” to partner with Pacha, “a worldwide leader in nightlife entertainment” which will be a reference not only in Macau, but also in Asia in general. “This collaboration will deliver the ultimate international clubbing experience to Macau and to Greater China with its Ibiza-style nightlife for the very first time, which we think will electrify the island’s vibrant club scene. With its commitment to excellence, Pacha will certainly create the most amazing nightclub entertainment experience in Macau with the opening of Pacha Macau, and the unique offerings from Pacha will certainly enable us to stand out against the competition”, he said to Magazine&More.

Pacha is the playground for big names from both the underground and mainstream of dance music, including David Guetta, Aoki, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclair, Solomun, Tiesto, among others. Let us wait and see if Pacha Macau will also make it possible for these, and other world renown DJ’s, to come perform in Macau, bringing even more appeal to a city with sizzling parties and nightlife. “Committed to diversifying the appeal of Macau as a leisure destination, we have seized the opportunity to forge a partnership with the finest nightclub brand in the world. This new nightclub is set to become one of the catalysts in promoting Macau’s tourism and redefine the local cultural and entertainment industries on the international stage”, said JD Clayton.


派馳在全球各大城市都有分店,包括伊維薩島、紐約、杜拜、布宜諾斯艾利斯和悉尼,全新的澳門派馳將會是亞洲旗艦店。JD Clayton 說道:“該項目將會為即將開幕的新濠影匯奉上世界最大的夜生活娛樂部品牌派馳。并再次見證我們一直以來所追求的策略方針,帶來世界頂尖級的娛樂夥伴和將澳門定位為亞洲娛樂總匯。”

新濠影匯的董事長對派馳的進駐表示激動,董事長表示這不僅是澳門的創舉,更是整個亞洲娛樂事業的新指標。在和 Magazine&More 訪談時說道:“這次合作將會是首次給澳門和大中華地區帶來伊維薩島風格的國際級至尊俱樂部夜生活的體驗。我們承諾派馳一定會為澳門帶來世界頂級的夜生活體驗,我們的開幕將會萬眾矚目,並且肯定能夠在眾多競爭中脫穎而出。”

派馳是 David Guetta、Aoki, Martin Solveig、Bob Sinclair、 Solomun、Armand van Helden、2ManyDJs、Felix da Housecat、Tiesto 等國際級主流及地下DJ的主場。讓我們拭目以待澳門派馳是否名副其實,并期待更多著名DJ的參與,給澳門帶來的更多精彩的節目,一個耀眼的不夜城即將誕生。董事長 JD Clayton 說道:“澳門以豐富多元的娛樂勝地聞名,我們把握機會并與世界頂級夜生活品牌強強聯手。這新的俱樂部將會促進澳門旅遊業發展,并讓澳門娛樂事業在國際舞台上重新定位。”

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