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Jiangmen slow life art travel

Last time I sighed the world, I really became a loose sun! In addition to eating, drinking and having fun, Jiangmen is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, a place with very profound cultural heritage. In this issue, we might as well feel the artistic atmosphere of Jiangmen together!

It can be said that the unique geographical environment of Jiangmen largely determines the Wuyi area of Jiangmen (Wuyi refers to the five county-level administrative regions of Xinhui, Taishan, Kaiping, Enping and Heshan under the jurisdiction of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province.) Become a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. Jiangmen is located on the coast of the South China Sea, with a 283 km coastline scattered with more than 70 islands. The special geographical location made Jiangmen trade with foreign countries in 1904, becoming one of the eight customs in Guangdong, and built the unique cultural heritage of overseas Chinese hometown in Jiangmen. In fact, the emigration of Wuyi area in Jiangmen can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties, with more than 4 million overseas Chinese living in Wuyi.

01 Jiangmen Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum

When it comes to the overseas Chinese culture in Wuyi, Jiangmen, we must first visit the overseas Chinese Museum in Wuyi, Jiangmen! Xiaobian knows that someone will say, "scared? Isn't it? Going to the museum is boring. I'm not interested!!!" In fact, I don't like to visit the museum much. It's obviously a song for Zuo song. There's no reason to go to the "Hall" again! There is always a feeling in the museum that the middle school tightens the history Hall - a lot of pride, but it comes from the left ear and comes out from the right ear. But the Department! this! Xiaobian wants to correct its name! Recommended by Jiangmen culture and Tourism Bureau, Xiaobian walked to the left in person and turned left at Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum in Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City! Suddenly, it seems that those who are not different from ordinary museums display a lot of antique scenery and buried cultural relics! However, it's good to explain with emotion in a museum. Through a small story form, it's easy to understand with emotion language. It's very vivid and interesting. It introduces the mile section of history, which is very easy for the listener to accept. Unconsciously, it follows the explanation and the steps of the staff to stroll into a museum. It's completely boring, and it also leaves a deep impression on the history of overseas Chinese, It's a waste of time.

Zhonghao, a museum in Li, is proud to create his own cultural and creative products according to the characteristic cultural relics in the collection, plus fashion elements and ingenious thinking. I'm so proud of it. I love it. However, it's a pity that the cultural and creative products with interesting and characteristic titles have not been sold to the public for the time being. It's a pity that we can't take them over for the time being

02 qimingli

Next stop, I'll go to Qiming Li, Pengjiang district, tongjiangmen.

Qimingli is one of the 13 ancient overseas Chinese villages in Jiangmen City. In the third year of the Republic of China (1914), overseas Chinese living in New Zealand raised funds to establish an integrated real estate company to buy land and build houses near Shiwan village. Mr. Huang Lige, an overseas Chinese, first built four three storey buildings - "Qiming building" (now No. 39-43 qiwanli), which is also the reason why this area is called Qiming Li.

IKEA government has begun to reconstruct the old houses in qimingli. The first phase of the project has been completed. On the basis of restoration and protection and not disturbing the life of the original residents, it has introduced commerce to create a creative cultural park similar to Lingnan Xintiandi in Foshan, so that citizens can experience the history and culture of Jiangmen, the hometown of overseas Chinese, while having leisure and entertainment.

Qimingli has settled in many restaurants and bars, culture + food + wine, food companies, bars, coffee shops, Xiguan style porridge shops It's very pleasant to go around and eat! I don't wash and worry about the sun. Xiaobian experienced it personally. Qiming Li is like a border title. Stepping into the plaque in Qiming Li, the cool feeling comes immediately. The slate road is full of feelings and very comfortable. At night, decorated with gorgeous lights, the lively bar adds a sense of modernity to the quiet Qiming in the sun. During the festival, Qiming Lizhong will hold many theme special activities!

03 Tangkou space

Tangkou, located in the old market of Tangkou Town, Kaiping City, the hometown of overseas Chinese, was once the residence of Tangkou town government. The post office, factory and granary... Flourished for a time. It was gradually depressed after the 1990s. Later, the overseas Chinese in Hong Kong returned with a group of aspiring young people, so that Tangkou space was rejuvenated with new vitality.

In the 1980s, the red brick building hardware factory changed into a multi-functional community center, integrating restaurants, water bars, exhibition rooms, kitchens, small open-air theatres and hotels. The open-air platform on the second floor is a good place for guests and passengers! The open-air platform connects the clock machinery factory invested by overseas Chinese in Hong Kong in the 1990s and is transformed into an International Youth Hostel, which can accommodate about 90 people.

If you are a big city and want to feel the pastoral scenery, Tangkou space is filled with Hetian plank road to meet your wish. When Xiaobian went to sigh, it happened that the seedlings were green. When he went to the field, the breeze gently blew and brought a natural fragrance of soil. The seedlings swayed gently, like shallow ripples. What you want!

On Tanabata, Tangkou space will hold its own characteristic brand activity - Local Innovation Festival to play a new meaning of "ruins" culture.


Special thanks:

Jiangmen Wuyi overseas Chinese Museum

Qiming lane, Pengjiang district, Jiangmen

Tangkou space

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