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Restore the sound of thousands of years ago

On November 15, 2020, Zhuhai HUAFA Zhongyan Grand Theatre, the ritual and music restoration group of the Tang Dynasty brought me a "blissful feast" - a concert for the return of the ancient music of the Tang Dynasty.

Tang Dynasty recovery team, Hello!

Established in 2014, the restoration group of performers in the Tang Dynasty is the only comprehensive restoration performance team in the mainland that truly takes the ancient music score of the Tang Dynasty as the foundation, uses restored Tang music instruments, and recovers the costumes and makeup of the Tang Dynasty. The restoration group of the Tang Dynasty started with a team of 4 people, a volunteer model and gathered with interest. Later, enthusiasts continued to join, and the team gradually grew. At present, the team size is more than a dozen people, all of whom are composed of people who really love restoration music in the Tang Dynasty.

According to head Xu Ge, the preliminary work is mainly academic research. So far, the Tang Dynasty restoration team has been invited to participate in speeches and performances by famous universities and cultural institutions such as the Central Academy of drama and the Art Museum of Tsinghua University. It has also participated in the interview, reporting, shooting and recording of many well-known cultural brands.

The road is difficult, but it is caused by prosperity

The head also said that the restoration team of the Tang Dynasty actually encountered many difficulties along the way. Take the ancient music of the Tang Dynasty as an example, it is very unacceptable, because many music scores can only be found on academic websites, and there is no way to download them, so they can only be copied manually; Some are collected by Japanese collectors, so they need to go to Japan to buy them back; Some are even collected in museums around the world

In addition to the difficulty of finding music scores, translating music scores, making musical instruments, and team performance rehearsal and running in are also full of challenges. However, since the development of the restoration group of the Tang Dynasty, with the efforts of the main creative team and the unity and cooperation between reunions, it has attracted waves of fans who also love the restoration of the Tang Dynasty, and its achievements have been highly praised at home and abroad, which is very amazing!

Backstage proximity

On the afternoon of the performance, Xiaobian was also lucky to come backstage and saw that the performers were making preparations before going on stage, and saw the restored Tang costumes and Tang Dynasty restored makeup and hair from a close distance.

The makeup hair is made by Hangzhou Nalan makeup

The costume is restored according to the shape and pattern of pottery figurines

Symphony echo through the Millennium

Xiaobian was lucky to come to the scene, feel the charm of the ancient music of the Tang Dynasty, and follow the "footsteps" of the performers back to the Tang Dynasty. The repertoire of the performance includes the music of the king of Qin breaking the array, the flower in the backyard of Yushu, the song of spring warblers, the music of long live bird songs, the long life girl, the music of the king of Lanling entering the array, the music of midnight, the music of neon clothes and feather clothes, and the music of tipping the cup. It has different styles and takes about 80 minutes to bring a sensory feast to the audience.

What impresses Xiaobian most is the first song "the music of the king of Qin breaking the array". It is said that this song is a military song. In 620, King Li Shimin of Qin defeated the rebel Liu Wuzhou and consolidated the newly established Tang regime. After Li Shimin ascended the throne, he personally compiled this music into a dance. After the processing and sorting of palace artists, it became a huge and magnificent large-scale music and dance.

"The music of the king of Qin breaking the array" has powerful drums, powerful momentum and impassioned, which makes the listener feel exciting and extremely shocking.

Datang ancient music, a symphony playing through the millennium!

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