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Running in Macao, the best way to run?

In recent years, more and more people love jogging.

Whether before work or after work, running has gradually become the most popular national sport.

You can often see a group of female stars who love jogging in the entertainment circle share their partner sports or jogging dynamics on FB or Ig; Also, jogging should be the simplest and easiest sport of all sports (only a pair of running shoes are needed). The high mobility that one can complete independently without the company of others is the reason why jogging is becoming more and more popular.


Running in Macao,

What do you think is the best way to run?

- Reservoir -

The pond is a circular walk, with a total length of 2400 meters. Most people choose to run here. The environment here is very comfortable, the place is spacious enough and close to the residential area, which is deeply loved by the citizens of Macao.

As long as you walk to the pond, you will find that every evening there are people who put dogs, walk and run.

- Songshan -

It is located in Songshan, the highest mountain on the Macao Peninsula, with a height of 90 meters. Although it is not a high mountain, it has been the "City Lung" of the Macao Peninsula for many years. Many people go to Songshan for morning exercises every day, and some play Tai Chi; Some run; Others come and play. And there is a children's play area on the top of the mountain, which is suitable for young and old. However, Xiaobian doesn't recommend running in Songshan at night, because it's quiet at night and lacks enough light, so it's easier to get injured and relatively dangerous when exercising.

- Nam Van lake and Sai Van Lake -

There are also many people who like to run around Nam Van lake and Sai Van lake. Because Nam Van is a business district, there are few nights. At the same time, the lake is accompanied by beautiful night scenery, and the atmosphere is very good.

However, if you choose to run by Sai Van lake, you should pay attention to the safety of people and vehicles. At the West Bay Lake, there is a section to run out of the road, which is a little dangerous. Be careful when running! Look at the car!

- Taipa Stadium -

Olympic Sports Center - stadium, formerly known as Macao stadium, is one of the constituent venues of Macao Olympic Sports Center. Eight class a 400m Titan runways are attached. The public can use it free of charge.

(individual) opening hours: from 06:00 to 08:00 from Monday to Sunday, it is free for individuals to run in the morning, and the rest of the time is only for groups.

- Footpaths/ Sidewalks -

I believe many people will choose to run on the sidewalk near the housing enterprises. The greedy canal is close enough.

But note: if the sidewalk is too narrow and crowded, it's hard to pick it up as much as possible. So as not to run two steps and say "don't borrow" to passers-by, which will hinder people and have no good training effect.

- Gym Fitness Room -

Gym room is equipped with perfect sports equipment, which can set the most suitable mode according to their own sports conditions, and can clearly record their own running speed, time, distance, heart rate and other data. There is a suitable temperature air conditioner in the gym, which will not be affected by weather factors.

Whether you run outdoors or in the fitness room, you have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose depends on your needs. Salted fish and green vegetables have their own love!

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